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Amanda McCormick

Watch the NYTech Meetup From Anywhere — And Discover Innovative New Companies

By November 13, 2012

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In September, I attended the New York Tech Meetup for the first time. This startup-centric Meetup is famous for being extremely popular and impossible to get tickets to. The good news is that you can watch the event from anywhere via LiveStream -- which is something I highly recommend you do in the interest of getting exposed to brilliant new ideas. Meetups happen monthly, you can sign up to be a member here to be notified when they are happening. The next one happens tonight -- don't miss out!

Here are a few of my favorite ideas from September's Meetup, and the "pain points" they address.

What if emails could be dynamic instead of static?
If you've ever done any email marketing, you know that the technical infrastructure that powers most email campaigns is woefully clunky. MovableInk addresses this problem with "the easiest way to get live content into email." The MovableInk guys showed a number of very  interest examples, including grabbing a live web page and inserting it into an email -- and each time a user opens the email, the presentation within will reflect the current state of the web page. With smart social tools that show you who among your friends have received the email, MovableInk is definitely something any email marketer should think about to help their communications to stand out from the pack.

What if you could ditch your resume for a more dynamic representation ofyour projects and accomplishments?
Hacker News sensation StatusChart started out as a hack but quickly proved its utility for those who are looking to break out ofa plain Jane resume. StatusChart is your professional dashboard that tracks all of the projects that you are working on or have completed.

What if casting voice talent could be simple, quick and cheap?
VoiceBunny got a lot of oohs and ahs from the crowd. It efficiently puts reliable voice talent in front of you quickly and cheaply. You can even turn your blog into a podcast, as Fred Wilson does with this service. As there is more and more demand for online videos and demos, VoiceBunny is poised to make a lot of lives a lot easier.

What if your phone could be smarter about your real-life connections?
Brewster reimagines the address book for your phone by making it a whole heck of a lot smarter. It's able to use information from other apps like Facebook and LinkedIn to enhance the way it serves you information about your contacts. For instance, see who in your life is trending, and who is falling away. Type in "Chicago" and see who in your book is near you.

What if you could experience a 3-dimensional space through your iPad?
Condition One App delighted the NY Tech crowd. Opening up a virtual window on a three-dimensional space through your iPad, Condition One App responds to the user's movements to unlock new views of a space. The founder revealed that the technology is not dependent on camera hardware, and the goal is to "develop this so anyone can use it." Borrowing ideas from planetarium multimedia shows, Condition One App Demonstrated an incredibly promising new vista in video technology.

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