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Startup Costs for a Sole Proprietorship - Entrepreneurs - About.com
So you want to go into business for yourself? Run your own show? Being a sole proprietor is the easiest way to get started in business, but there's still more to it ...
Sole Proprietorship: The Right Business Structure?
The most basic of all business legal structures is the sole proprietorship. For new start-ups the choice of becoming sole proprietorship is the simplest of all ...
Taxes Sole Proprietorships Have to Pay - US Business Law / Taxes
Lists all the taxes a sole proprietorship pays including income taxes, self- employment taxes and employment (payroll) taxes.
Starting a Sole Proprietorship - US Business Law / Taxes - About.com
A sole proprietorship is the easiest and least complex form of business. Here is an explanation of what it is and how to start one.
Sole Proprietor - Proprietor - Proprietorship - US Business Law / Taxes
All about sole proprietors - what is a sole proprietor and sole proprietorship, how to start a sole proprietorship, taxes for a sole proprietor, income tax for a sole ...
Advantage and Disadvantage of Sole Proprietorships
Discusses the advantages and disadvantages of sole proprietorships, including control, liability, taxes, and start-up.
The Basics of Operating a Sole Proprietorship
Most brand new arts / crafts businesses start out as a sole proprietorship because it is the easiest and cheapest type of business entity to start and maintain.
Six Tax Benefits of Sole Proprietorships - Women in Business
6 Tax Benefits of Choosing a Sole Proprietorship As Your Business Structure. More Women Own Sole Proprietorships & Tax Benefits Are One of the Reasons ...
Women Sole Proprietors - How to Start a Small Business Sole ...
How to start a sole proprietorship. How to register your business name, get an EIN, and license your business, and certification for women-owned small ...
How Does a Sole Proprietor Get Paid? - US Business Law / Taxes
How a sole proprietor gets paid, by taking a draw from the business checking account. How taxes are paid on the sole proprietor's income.
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