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Startup Costs for a Sole Proprietorship - Entrepreneurs - About.com
So you want to start a business. You want to be a sole proprietor -- run your own show. Great! Good for you... and good luck. There is more to going into business  ...
Sole Proprietor - Proprietor - Proprietorship - US Business Law / Taxes
The sole proprietorship is the most common form of business organization in the U.S.; over 15 million people are sole proprietors, and this type of business ...
Advantage and Disadvantage of Sole Proprietorships
Discusses the advantages and disadvantages of sole proprietorships, including control, liability, taxes, and start-up.
Starting a Sole Proprietorship - US Business Law / Taxes - About.com
A sole proprietorship (or “proprietorship”) is a form of business in which an individual starts a business under his or her own name. In a sole proprietorship, you ...
Taxes Sole Proprietorships Have to Pay - US Business Law / Taxes
A Sole proprietorship is a business operated by an individual owner. This type of business is considered a "disregarded entity" because the business is not ...
Sole Proprietorship: The Right Business Structure?
The most basic of all business legal structures is the sole proprietorship. For new start-ups the choice of becoming a sole proprietorship is the simplest of all ...
How Does a Sole Proprietorship Pay Income Tax?
A sole proprietorship is taxed through the personal tax return of the owner, on Form 1040. The business profit is calculated and presented on Schedule C.
Sole Proprietor - Sole Proprietorship - US Business Law / Taxes
A Sole Proprietor is a solo business owner. A sole proprietorship is a business that is operated by an owner and is taxed on the owner's personal tax return.
How Does a Sole Proprietor Get Paid? - US Business Law / Taxes
How a sole proprietor gets paid, by taking a draw from the business checking account. How taxes are paid on the sole proprietor's income.
Sole Proprietor vs. Independent Contractor - US Business Law / Taxes
Difference between a sole proprietor and an independent contractor. They are essentially the same: A sole proprietor files income taxes on Schedule C. An ...
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