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Set Up a Limited Liability Company (LLC) - Entrepreneurs - About.com
The Limited Liability Company, or LLC, has in recent years become the most popular legal structure for small businesses wishing to incorporate. The exact ...
Limited Liability Company - LLC Definition - US Business Law / Taxes
A Limited Liability Company, or LLC is a legal form of business organization with daily activities like a partnership but with limited liability similar to a corporation.
How to Form an LLC - US Business Law / Taxes - About.com
If you are interested in learning how to form an LLC, this article will provide you with details about this business form and the process of forming an LLC.
Form an LLC - What Steps Do I Take to Start an LLC?
How do I start an LLC? It's pretty simple; you can form an LLC and be in business quickly by following these simple steps.
LLC - Limited Liability Company Myths - US Business Law / Taxes
An LLC is similar to a corporation in its limitations on liability to the owners, but it has a different ownership structure (members instead of shareholders). An LLC ...
What Is the Difference Between an LLC & a Corporation?
Should you choose an LLC or corporation for your business? A discussion of features of limited liability company (LLC) and corporation - differences and ...
LLC Operating Agreements for Beginners - Investing for Beginners
An LLC operating agreement is the document or contract that serves as the rules by which a business is run. It must be signed and approved by the LLC ...
Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) - New Investor Guide
It is important for you, as a new investor, to understand how they work, why you should care about LLCs, and some of the tax implications. This collection of LLC  ...
Nevada LLC - Investing for Beginners - About.com
A Nevada LLC is one of the most popular types of limited liability companies. You can enjoy asset protection, no taxes, and a host of other benefits.
LLC Partnership Incorporation Sole Proprietor
Select the best ownership structure for your business:LLC, Inc, Partnership, Sole Proprietor. All the resources needed for setting up or changing your company ...
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