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Business Legal Organizational Structures - Entrepreneurs - About.com
Choosing the proper legal organizational structure for your business is one of the most important decisions you will make. While it may not have much impact on ...
The Right Corporate Structure is Essential for Success - Entrepreneurs
In his book, Essentials of Corporate and Capital Formation, David H. Fater identifies the corporate structures traditionally used by entrepreneurs and helps them ...
Writing a Business Plan - Deal Structure - Entrepreneurs - About.com
Corporate structure: The legal structure you choose for your business will dictate your tax ... Returns: Anyone putting capital into your business is going to want a ...
Retail Store Organization Structure - Retailing - About.com
The organizational structure of a retail store will vary by the size and type of the business. The following is a brief outline of some of the divisions in a retail ...
Business Structure Essentials
The easiest and most common form of business structure is the sole proprietorship. A sole proprietorship is a business of one without corporation or limited ...
Sole Proprietorship: The Right Business Structure?
The most basic of all business legal structures is the sole proprietorship. For new start-ups the choice of becoming a sole proprietorship is the simplest of all ...
Board of Directors - Responsibility, Role, and Structure
The board of directors is the highest governing authority within the management structure at any publicly traded company. It is the board's job to select, evaluate, ...
Limited Liability Company 101
Study the basics of the limited liability company structure and guide your decision to company business formation.
Business Structures: Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) - Retailing
A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a business structure chartered by the state in which it is headquartered. This type of business ownership combines several ...
An Introduction to Capital Structure (Why It Matters)
You often hear corporate officers, professional investors, and analysts discuss a company's capital structure. You may not know what a capital structure is or why  ...
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