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Unusual Ways to Develop Your Entrepreneurial Side


Unusual Ways to Develop Your Entrepreneurial Side
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When we get consumed with a new business idea, we tend to get tunnel vision. Lots of life can fall by the wayside as we hone in on perfecting our idea. But being an entrepreneur is about being well-rounded, and here are a few ideas that you can use to build well-rounded entrepreneurial strengths.

Take an improv class

Improv groups or classes put a bunch of people in a room where they improvise scenes based on a set scenario. Basically, your life as an entrepreneur but with more laughs. You'll feel a little silly, yes. But there's nothing like improv to help you master being fast on your feet and work seamlessly as a team.

Need a few ideas to get a feel for what improv is like? Check out these story starter prompts for a good sense of what you'd encounter in an improv class.

Train for something difficult

The Ironman, a triathlon, the Tough Mudder, even just getting a nice six pack. It's all about cultivating discipline, even when you don't feel getting out of bed. Because if you don't show up to support your own business, who will?

Not ready to put the pedal to the metal? You can still use the mental tricks of elite athletes to triumph over challenging business situations. Check out these 10 tips from the authors of Fit Soul, Fit Body: 9 Keys to a Healthier, Happier You.

Learn to meditate

Meditation is just starting to be studied in a rigorous scientific way, but the results are fairly astonishing. Learn to meditate and you'll deal with conflict better, have enhanced concentration, and just a general calm in the face of adversity. Which is something all entrepreneurs can benefit from.

Discover the stress relieving, body repairing and general well-being enhancing qualities of a meditation practice.

Play a team sport

There's a reason that often sports greats make excellent entrepreneurs. Think of Michael Jordan, for instance. Athletes know how to rally a team around them and they also know how to sacrifice in pursuit of a goal. Now get out there and join a team.

Join the Toastmasters

Toastmasters Clubs are everywhere and they are a great way to practice your public speaking skills around a welcoming and accepting crowd. Need more tips on public speaking, especially if you're new to it? Check out this informative article from public speaking expert LeeAundra Temescu.


The business comes first right? But all of us could do for some perspective once in a while. Find something you are passionate about -- whether it be your local park, a cause, or an organization -- and give it a little time. The organization will surely be thrilled to have an entreuprenurial minded person on board.

And did you know that some of the best volunteer opportunities for entrepreneurs are virtual ones? Drumming up sponsor support, help with websites and other IT infrastructure, writing emails and providing brochure copy are just a few of the ideas that can have you out helping others and building your reputation to boot!

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