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Running a Business

Once your business becomes established, there's a whole new set of challenges you'll face to turn it into something sustainable that's bigger than your personal efforts. Learn more about hiring and managing staff, obtaining second-round funding for growth, and other issues you'll face.
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Business Insurance to Protect Your New Company
As you contemplate the prospect of your fledgling business taking off and becoming successful, keep in mind one of the downsides to operating a business: Risk. This is where insurance comes in. Similar to the way you protect your car and home with insurance, you also must protect your business’s assets in the event of a natural disaster, legal liability or any other any other risk you can’t afford to cover.

Using a Crowd Reduces Overhead and Raises Profile of Participants
Network of automotive websites uses crowdsourcing to keep its costs down.

Joint Venturing 101
Depending on what you want from your business and how fast you want to get there, joining forces to create a more powerful presence in your market may be an attractive option. Joint ventures can help you grow the amount of business you do and the size of the projects you take on without growing the actual size of your business.

Secrets of Operating a Successful Retail Business
A barber/entrepreneur shares his secrets of success.

Time Is Money
It's an old cliche that we all know and understand, but to what extent do you really apply it in your business? Are you paying yourself too little by doing work that could be delegated and skipping the high-ROI work you could be doing?

Small Businesses Use Crowdsourcing for Inexpensive Vendor Solutions
Firms share best practices of how to use crowdsourcing to achieve business cost savings.

What Warren Buffett Looks for in a Company
What's the number-one attribute Warren Buffet, arguably one of the most successful investors in the world, looks for in a company? "Sustainable competitive advantage," he told an interviewer. If one of the most successful businessmen of today puts this at the top of his list, you should too.

Tips on Effective Use of Crowdsourcing for Small Businesses &…
Firms share best practices of how to use crowdsourcing to achieve business cost savings.

Using a Private Mailbox
If you office from home, you may want to consider using a private mailbox. And while most people may think of going to the post office for a post office box, using a private mailbox provider offers additional advantages for small business.

Business Plans Can Get in the Way of Entrepreneurship
CPA Michael Hanley advocates that small business entrepreneurs should have milestone plans, not business plans.

Solving the Million Dollar Mystery: 4 Steps To Create A Turn-Key Business
Many entrepreneurs have built a successful business but been unable to really enjoy it because the business can't run without them. They end up trapped by their own success. It's also hard to sell a business that relies heavily on the owner just to function. And you can forget about running multiple businesses if you can't get them to the point that they run themselves day-to-day. Guest author Stephanie Frank lays out 4 simple steps to stop doing everything yourself and start delegating.

5 Steps to Increasing the Value of Your Small Business
Most businesses with under $1 million in revenue (which is most businesses) sell at a pitiful multiple of earnings when their owners decide it's time.

Three Ways to Grow Your Business
With all of the latest and greatest concepts, seminars, webcasts, and "How-To" books vying for your attention, you would think that growing your business was as complicated as building the space shuttle. The fact is, there are only three ways to expand business.

The Downside of Running a Part-Time Business from Your Home
When people start a side business, there's a temptation (and rightly so) to keep costs down. It's common to use your home as your place of business, or perhaps rent a post office box. But both of these choices have their downsides and can hamper your startup's success, says small business CPA Michael Hanley.

Growing Pains: The Need for Organizational Change
When an organization has not been fully successful in developing the internal systems it needs at a given stage of growth, it begins to experience “growing pains.” Growing pains are symptoms that an organization needs to make a transition. This article examines in detail the most common organizational growing pains.

Entrepreneurs Often Squander Time, Money and Resources
Entrepreneurs often fail because they focus on things other than shipping products, do too many things at once, and squander financial resources. Internet executive and startup advisor Rob Kelly explains how to get out of the trap.

The Trick Question You’ll Get When You’re Ready to Sell Y…
Small business owners selling their business can get trapped when asked why they are selling. John Warrillow, author of Built to Sell, helps the small business owner navigate tricky questions about why the owner wants to sell.

The Innovator's Dilemma
That great idea that you based your business on has been incredibly successful, but is also starting to become mainstream. You know you need something new to maintain the competitive edge, but your company's branding and even your personal identity are tied up in that first innovation. So what do you do? Welcome to the innovator's dilemma.

Financial Planning Tips for Business Owners
An insurance professional reveals the top mistakes business owners make and how to avoid them.

Multitasking is the Enemy of Small Business Owner Productivity
Small business owners need to focus on one thing at a time and give up multitasking.

Gain Productivity By Stopping Unproductive Activities
Advice on how to be more efficient by doing fewer things.

Grow Your Small Business by Learning How to Let Go
Client attraction expert Fabienne Fredrickson helps entrepreneurs break down barriers to growth by teaching them how to delegate and let go of low-value work.

Avoiding Mistakes with Your Small Business's Tax Planning
A CPA offers advice on how to make the best decisions for small business tax planning at the end of the year.

Microsoft/SBA Book Aimed at Helping Small Businesses Create Jobs
Microsoft and SBA create guidebook of resources for small businesses.

How to Make Your Small Business Run Better and More Profitably
An author and consultant offers critical tips for small business success.

8 Tips for Entrepreneurs from CEOs Who Have Created Huge Enterprises
Author and CEO looks to corporate titans for advice to help startup entrepreneurs manage their enterprises more successfully.

The Key to More Sales: Slow Down the Process
The Key to More Sales: Slow Down the Process

3 Quick Steps to Solving Your Time Management Problems
3 Quick Steps to Solving Your Time Management Problems

Business Process Management is Key for Small Business Success
Creating business processes isn't just for the Fortune 500. A very small business can't get larger without understanding and documenting its core processes.

How to Make Sure Your Small Business Can Be Sold
A primer on how to make your small business one that can be sold.

To Get Small Business Referrals, Eliminate Clients' Hidden Agendas
Turning clients into referral sources depends on having a relationship in which there are no hidden agendas.

Beam Me Up, Scotty: Telepresence is the Next Best Thing
Telepresence technology allows companies to implement affordable solutions to achieve collaborative working without physically being together.

Boost Your Small Business's Bottom Line Through Easy Changes
Small businesses are losing profits because they're not paying enough attention to simple management techniques. An author explains how to cut costs while increasing revenues.

How to Find a Small-Business Lawyer at a Reasonable Price
Finding a lawyer can be difficult for small businesses with small legal budgets. An emerging directory offers a customized approach that may help.

6 Ways to Keep Customers Coming Back
Getting new customers is costly, and keeping the ones you have is cheap...and easy. Here are some simple ways to make sure your customers don't walk across the street.

Market Leaders Need to be Wary of Aggressive Upstarts
Successful companies large and small often miss the signs that business is about to get much harder. Here are four factors that tell you whether you're in for a bumpy ride.

Negotiating Doesn't Have to be Uncomfortable
Want to be better at negotiation in five minutes? Here are seven critical tips that are easy to implement and extremely effective.

Debt-Ceiling Talks Reveal Three Key Lessons for Entrepreneurs
The debt-ceiling negotiations in Washington (if they can be called negotiations) offer some critical lessons for entrepreneurs in the art of deal-making.

Addoway Seeks to Create Trust-Based Online Shopping Experience
Online shopping site Addoway.com is trying to stand out in a market dominated by a few giants by focusing on bringing buyers together with sellers their friends already trust.

CEOs Say the Darndest Things When Customers Bail Out
Netflix made its own bad movie worse by mismanaging customer backlash over a huge price increase. Its CEO's fumble offers entrepreneurs of large and small enterprises valuable lessons in how to avoid being next.

Six Ways to Grow Your Business
Six ideas for growing your business that you can start before lunch.

Is Your Small Business Stuck in Neutral?
Small business owners sometimes neglect their primary function -- generating revenue -- because they are engaged in non-revenue activities that add no value. Becoming aware of the problem is the first step to solving it.

How to Cut Your Customer Acquisition Cost to Almost Zero
There are many ways to boost sales and gain new customers for your business, and most of them are free.

Professional Management vs. Entrepreneurial Management
Your About.com Guide to Management looks at the decision most entrepreneurs eventually face of relinquishing control to a professional management team.

Make Your Service Business Easily As Easy to Sell as a Bottle of Tide
A primer on making a service-oriented business easier to sell.

No Exit Ahead?
A leading venture capitalist offers his tips on growing slower -- and smarter -- in today's tough economy.

No Exit Ahead?
A leading venture capitalist offers his tips on growing slower -- and smarter -- in today's tough economy.

Top 5 Mistakes Business Owners Make When Trying to Sell Their…
Tips on how to avoid common mistakes when selling a business.

DocStore Aims to Save Small Businesses Time & Money
Docstoc, a document sharing community, has developed a marketplace that enables people to upload and sell their documents to others and search for documents they need for their business.

7 Tips on Selling a Business
Tips to follow to effectively sell your business and negotiate an outcome that is positive for buyer and seller.

eVenues Matches People Who Need Meeting Space with Venues Loo…
Company offers online marketplace for renting short-term meeting and event space.

Intro to Outsourcing for Entrepreneurs
Tips on using outsourcing for design work, errands, skilled labor and much more on a small budget.

Who's Got Your Back?
From coworking to forming a business support group, here are ideas on keeping your motivation strong while working on your business vision.

Productivity for Entrepreneurs
From Pomodoro to lean to creating a "don't do" list, here are the tips your need to be efficient.

7 Ways to Use Social Media to Provide Better Customer Service
The use of social media has exploded for all sorts of business, and because it's so cost effective, it holds particular attraction for entrepreneurs. Considering using social media to provide customer service? Here are some tips on how to do it effectively.

Customer Service Lessons from Zappos
Zappos is a company famous for superior customer service. A few perks that customers enjoy are free overnight shipping and easy returns. But as you explore the Zappos story more deeply, you can see how a customer service focuses their every effort, from management to hiring.

Two Tools That Make it Easy to Provide Customer Service Online
While you should already be using social media to proactively address your customers' needs, there are also several customer service platforms that allow you to quickly and easily provide customer service via the web. Read on to find out more about Zendesk and Get Satisfaction.

Here are a few ways, both conventional and unconventional, to beat entrepreneurial stress.

Things You Must Do in the New Year
An entrepreneur's to-do list is perpetually long, but here are the items that should be on your "must-do" list for 2014.

Upgrade Your Business
Make this the year you upgrade your business through the following strategies: real-time marketing, trademarks, mentors and more.

Grabbing Victory From The Jaws of Defeat
Business failing? Out of money? Out of hope? How do you turn things around for your business? Here are a few ideas on grabbing victory from the jaws of defeat.

5 Bad Habits Than Can Break Your Business
Avoid key bad habits and grow your business by using social media, keeping in touch with your customers, targeting a niche market and more.

A Crash Course in Entrepreneurship
You want to start your own business, but you don't have a lot of time. No worries -- here's a crash course in just the bare-bones essentials.

6 Things Most Entrepreneurs Learn the Hard Way
Hopefully you've done plenty of prep before embarking on the adventure of starting your own business. That said, there are a few lessons that only experience can provide.

Celebrate Entrepreneurial Independence This Fourth of July
Those who have started a business (or even a sideline in order to earn extra cash) have plenty to celebrate this Fourth of July.

Raise Your Prices (Without Losing Customers)
How can you raise prices and retain your customers? Ideas on how to time a price hike, enhance your underlying value proposition and increase your profits.

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