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Writing a Business Plan - Company History

Telling the story of your company provides background for the rest of the plan


The business plan background, which follows the executive summary, should detail your company’s history. This part will vary, depending on how developed your business is. The history of a startup is obviously different than for an existing company. This section should be about a page long, although it’s OK to stay under that limit if you’re starting a brand-new company.

Here are a few points that you should be sure to include in this section:

  • The origin of the idea for the business
  • Your progress to date
  • Problems you’ve faced so far
  • Short-term growth plans
For a new business you might want also to include some personal history and business background. Some points to make in this section:
  • Your educational history
  • Other companies you’ve worked for
  • Previous businesses you’ve started
  • Your technical skills
  • Your areas of expertise in your industry segment
  • Your areas of weakness or inexperience and how you plan to compensate for them
  • Any relevant professional clubs or associations you belong to
Overall, this section of your business plan should give an interested investor a better idea of who you are and how this business idea came about. Again, keep it concise and avoid extraneous personal information.

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