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Using Crowdsourcing to Save Time and Money on Your Business


Crowdsourcing is gaining momentum as a solution for business problems ranging from web design and logos to complex technology solutions. A number of web portals have emerged to help small businesses put their requirement out to hundreds or thousands of experts who present solutions from which the buyers can choose. Here are a number of articles all about crowdsourcing and how to benefit from the trend.

1. Crowdsourcing Tips for Small Business

If you are a small business and haven't heard of crowdsourcing...well, the time has come.

How would you like to save hundreds or perhaps thousands of dollars on projects ranging from designing logos to writing business plans to designing websites finding language translation services?

2. Using Crowdsourcing to Change a Name

Crowdsourcing can be used to procure all kinds of services. Typically, small businesses use crowdsourcing websites when they want to design a new website or logo. But how about something as significant as changing an existing company's name? That's what Pixily, a company that provides a digital filing system and document scanning for small businesses, did when it changed its name toOfficeDrop. Healy Jones, OfficeDrop's head of marketing, spearheaded a crowdsourcing project both employees and customers to compile ideas and find a new company name. She answered our questions about the process.

3. Crowdsourcing for Complex Projects

When most people think of crowdsourcing, the type of projects that come to mind are often creative but relatively simple things like logo development and web design. What happens when a company has a complex technology problem to solve and turns to the crowd?

4. Publisher Lowers Costs Through Use of Crowdsourcing

High Gear Media in Palo Alto, Calif., publishes more than 1,000 stories online per month on a network of 100+ websites, all focused on automotive content. That puts High Gear in a unique position, says community manager Eric Berlin, as it both publishes more stories than any other company when it comes to automotive content, and also harnesses a mix of full time paid staff, unpaid contributors, and contract writers who write for it under a revenue sharing program.

5. More Tips on Crowdsourcing

Here are more great stories on how small businesses are using crowdsourcing to solve business challenges and executive projects more economically. Check out these stories on crowdsourcing, too.

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