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There's nothing like a good example to motivate and inspire you! See case studies, interviews, testimonials, success stories, and other examples of entrepreneurs in action.
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Delegation: Critical to Entrepreneurs' Success
Many entrepreneurs have difficulting delegating, but they need to overcome their problem and do it to be successful and to avoid serious business mistakes.

BootyPop Founders Use Savvy Marketing & PR to Kickstart a Brand
The founders of BootyPop discuss their entrepreneurial story.

5 Key Lessons for Succeeding in an Online Business
Two young entrepreneurs in the online invitations business are setting an example of how to create a brand by encouraging buzz and a loyal following.

Entrepreneurs' Stories of Business Cliffhangers and How They Prevailed
Most entrepreneurs have survived a cliffhanger moment (or two): a period during which something happened that nearly put you out of business. Entrepreneurship is about overcoming obstacles in extraordinary ways. Here are stories of entrepreneurs who peered over the abyss...but didn't fall in. See submissions See submissions

Make Money Online the Jeff Morin Way
Jeff Morin, owner of Coins for Anything, has been making money online since he was 19 and founded his first company. He now is building a mini-empire of online businesses with low overhead and fast production.

17 More Hard-Learned Lessons from Entrepreneurs
About.com invited entrepreneurs to reveal what made their small businesses unique and the lessons they'd learned (the hard way) as a result of being in business. Eight-five business owners responded with profiles of their companies, heart-felt stories of years of struggle before important breakthroughs, and solid pointers for everyone looking to make it in their own business.

Online Business Tries to Do Well by Doing Good
Online business looks to change kids parties from present free-for-all to teachable moment

Corporate Sales Executive Leaves Security Behind to Focus on Wine
Corporate sales executive turns to entrepreneurship and her passion for wine and people.

This Entrepreneur is Rolling in Dough...Pizza Dough, That Is
After working in his family's plumbing business, an entrepreneur starts a mobile pizza truck business focusing on the Long Island catering market.

Four Years to Launch a Product You Can't See
Former fashion editor starts belt company to solve fashion dilemma.

A Sister Entrepreneur Act Grabs a Toehold in the Women's Fashion Accessories...
A Sister Entrepreneur Act Grabs a Toehold in the Women's Fashion Accessories Market

Information Products are Key to Part-Time Business Success
New book explains how to start a part-time business creating information products and selling them online.

How a Small Firm Succeeds Alongside Giant Competitors and Limitless Competition
How a Small Firm Succeeds Alongside Giant Competitors and Limitless Competition

Spotting and Exploiting Minitrends are Key to Entrepreneurs' Success
Entrepreneurs who successfully spot a minitrend before it becomes a megatrend have an advantage over people who jump on a bandwagon that's already established. But they need to be careful not be be dislodged when other minitrends come along to threaten their's.

Women-Owned Businesses are Proliferating
Women are accounting for more small business ownership in the United States, but they fall behind men when it comes to scaling their businesses past $1 million in sales.

Entrepreneur Finds Niche in Sleepwear Market
A woman suffering from menopausal symptoms decided to solve the problem of night sweats by becoming an entrepreneur and creating a line of fast-wicking sleepwear.

Changing Its Business Model After Five Years was Risky but Saved this Company
A software company CEO almost didn't make it, because his company was stuck in an unproductive, low-growth rut. Because of his decision to take the risk of making a major shift in business model and strategy, the company is now a leader in its field.

Firm Helps Foreign Companies Establish Presence in the U.S.
A small business in New Jersey helps other small businesses based in western Europe and other countries launch U.S. operations.

Music Education and Mompreneurship Mix to Create a Promising Startup
Started by an expectant mother, Juno is an example of what can happen when you take your passion and turn it into a business.

Forget Consensus, Stop the Sloppiness, and Know When to Change Course
Microsoft's former chief operating officer offers advice on how entrepreneurial companies can avoid management problems that can stall their growth.

Entrepreneurs Reveal their Hardest-Learned Lessons
Entrepreneurs reveal their hardest-learned lessons.

Want to Achieve Entrepreneurial Success? Take Your Biggest Problem...And Skip It
Futurist, entrepreneur and author Daniel Burrus reveals seven principles to help startups reach success faster than competitors.

Online Yarn Store Spins Big Profits in a Competitive Industry
A former software engineer shares her secrets to becoming a successful online entrepreneur.

Rethinking the Business Helps a Contractor Survive the Recession
A California construction company founds its way back from the brink after the recession by reducing costs, focusing on green energy, and automating.

For Home-Based Business, Diversification Yields Success
A husband-and-wife team turned their finance backgrounds to entrepreneurship and have a decade-old, highly profitable company in the online gift business.

Columbia Business School Proves Fertile Ground for Health-Care Startup
Many MBA students are in business school to get their ticket punched, but some, like FSAStore.com's Jeremy Miller, got a lot more out of his school than most people do.

6 Lessons from My Entrepreneur Father
Lessons learned from my entrepreneur father, who died this week at age 90.

Focusing on Simplicity to Appeal to Mobile Marketers
Tatango, a mobile messaging company led by its 26-year-old founder, has made mistakes with hiring (and firing), and not asking for help as soon as he should have. But his good moves -- including over-capitalizing and focusing on becoming well-known in the mobile

Kris Ruby's Advice for Young Entrepreneurs:
24-year-old Kris Ruby runs a fledgling social media and PR agency and has advice for fellow entrepreneurs that has as much to do with lifestyle as business -- including eating right and avoiding bad romantic relationships.

Young Entrepreneurs Fail But Try Again
Berkeley College's students are carving out entrepreneurial niches serving ethnic and minority markets and learning how to bounce back from failure.

Helping Seniors Travel and Caregivers Enjoy Vacation
The first step for anyone starting a company is to focus on a market niche that has growth potential. One entrepreneur has combined several into one: an aging population, an increase in wealth and disposable income, and a societal desire for travel and mobility.

Web Entrepreneurs Have Plenty of Company
Young entrepreneurs in web design don't seem to mind having endless numbers of competitors. Why is that?

Young Entrepreneur Defies Conventional Wisdom
It used to be that successful startups had to focus on one thing and one thing only. These days, entrepreneurs (especially young ones) are doing multiple businesses at the same time, and succeeding. Do the old rules not apply?

MBA Applicants Drive Demand for Social Networking Site
A site for MBA applicants seeks to be more of a social network than a test-prep site.

Introducing a Super-Premium Brand Has its Challenges
It takes a little crazy to start any business, but maybe starting a tequila company means being extra crazy. That hasn't stopped Ken Austin, who's in the second year of an adventure called Tequila Avion.

Are You Entrepreneur Material?
Tolerance for failure, appetite for risk and other important entrepreneurial qualities from real life figures like Steve Jobs, Anita Roddick and Ben & Jerry.

Are You Entrepreneur Material?
Tolerance for failure, appetite for risk and other important entrepreneurial qualities from real life figures like Steve Jobs, Anita Roddick and Ben & Jerry.

An Invisible Product Lets Stealth Fly Below the Radar
Stealth Concealment helped invent a market -- wireless antenna concealment -- and created a niche for itself in the process.

How Entrepreneurs Are Using Technology to Reduce Cost & Incre…
How are you using technology to be more efficient, more entrepreneurial and more profitable in your business? Share your favorite innovative uses of gadgets, gizmos, applications and anything else tech with the community here at Entrepreneurs.About.com.

Moms Team Up To Redefine Bar Mitzvah Shopping
Two mothers launch a business to help mitzvah-planning parents select vendors and get ideas for their parties.

Raving Fans for a Store that Puts Cupcakes on T-Shirts: What Gives?
Johnny Cupcakes is more than just a t-shirt store. It's a master-brander, able to build a huge, raving fan base of people who will line up to buy $75 t-shirts, and have been doing it since 2001.

How a Small Firm Succeeds Alongside Giant Competitors and Limitless Competition
How a Small Firm Succeeds Alongside Giant Competitors and Limitless Competition

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