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Trends in Exercise for Entrepreneurs

From Zumba to Crossfit, Trends Worth Profiting On



Photo by Flicker user Cimm

Photo by Flicker user Cimm

The end of the year is a traditional time of resolution-making. And many of those resolutions inevitably have to do with getting in shape. No reason that you, the entrepreneur, shouldn’t profit from the latest fitness trends. So let’s look at a few of them and how you can get involved:


Crossfit’s mission is to fuel a revolution in fitness based on the pursuit of function, not form, on measurements of performance, not anatomy. We want rings and bumper plates in our gyms, not machines,” explains the website. That’s one reason that Crossfit operations spring up in nontraditional spaces like parks or garages. Another reason for Crossfit’s decentralized nature? It’s always been that way by design.

More from HQ: “Crossfit is not a franchise and never will be. Our affiliates constitute a confederation of legitimate fitness practitioners united around constantly varied, intense, functional exercies and pooling reliable resources under the Crossfit Name.

There are some 5500 Crossfit affiliates across the globe. To become a Crossfit affiliate, you need to pay the yearly affiliate fee of $3,000 and you must have a website in good working order and a Level 1 certification. More on creating a website here.


Zumba® was created by Columbia dancer and choreographer Alberto Perez during the 1990 and it fuses hip-hop, samba, salsa merengue, mambo and other Latin American dance forms into a what many adherents think of as more of a “dance party” than a fitness class. That party atmosphere may account for Zumba’s stratospheric popularity – according to a report mentioned in the New York Times, the number of weekly Zumba students has surged to 12 million from 1 million over the past four years.

In order to use the Zumba name, potential Zumba instructors must go through an eight-hour course to receive certification. While the demand for Zumba is strong, make sure that your city or geographical area isn’t already saturated with Zumba classes.


Quitting the rat race to open a yoga studio has beckoned many entrepreneurs. According to Inc magazine, achieving Zen-like calm on the mat can be quite lucrative (yoga is a $5.7 billion industry). Key to yoga’s staying power is the number of different ways it is practiced – Hatha for traditionalists, Kundalini for those who are concerned with breath and chakras and Vinyasa flow for those who want a more athletic practice. Other off-the-wall options include yoga that uses aerial suspension and yoga for dogs (“Doga,” anyone?).

One form of yoga growing in popularity is Bikram – that’s a brand of “hot yoga” practiced in a carefully temperature-controlled room that is heated to 105 degrees and 40 percent humidity. A canny entrepreneur of yoga, Bikram founder Bikram Choudhury has trademarked his 90 minute series of 26 poses and charges franchises over $10,000 to use his name.

To get started, you might consider getting certified in your yoga discipline of choice by an organization recognized by the Yoga Alliance.


Elizabeth Cutler and Julie Rice proved how a room of stationary bikes could be turned into a red-hot fitness startup through their venture SoulCycle (founded in 2006). The classes are held in candlelit studios with custom made bikes to a rollicking soundtrack and charismatic instructors and have inspired an almost cult-like following. At over $30 a class in most locations, SoulCycle is a luxury fitness experience that seems poised for growth.

The lessons of SoulCycle could apply to lots of fitness businesses – create a strong brand and community and the word of mouth will help your business grow. 

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