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Google+ and Your Business

Harness the Power of a New Social Network


Google + and your business Google+ burst on the scene in the summer of 2011 and seemed poised to change the social networking game forever...but then, it seemed to fade away in terms of interest.

Ask members of your peer group and you're probably unlikely to find a whole lot of people using Google+ as of this writing. Still, it's an important channel for those interested in growing their business. In a nutshell, here's why:

  • Google+ can help you target niche communities
  • It integrates seamlessly with some of the best tools around like YouTube and Gchat.
  • Because it's less widely adopted than Facebook and Twitter, you may be able to stand out there more easily.
As the economic climate changes, and people's preferences for how they interact online change with it, Google+ may come roaring to the forefront. Even if you're not ready to dip your toes in now, you should be aware of G+'s selling points and how you might use it for your business.

So let's look at each advantage of the network and talk about how you can start to use Google+ to set your business apart.

Google+ can help you target niche communities

At the moment, Google+ is very geared to people who work in technology. But surprisingly, college students are another growing sector. Photographers love the integrated tools, and technology savvy power users like Robert Scoble and Felicia Day have millions of people in their "circles." What does all of this mean for you? It simply means if there's a promising demographic you would like to pursue, invest some time in getting to know that crew on G+. Your investment will be paid back in new customers and vital market research.

Consider: Create a "circle" around your business and add people to it that you feel would be receptive to your messages. Spend 10 minutes each day looking at the things those people are posting.

Google+ integrates seamlessly with some of the best tools around like YouTube and Gchat

What's great about being a technology juggernaut like Google is that, in contrast to Facebook, you already own some of the best technological tools out there and therefore do not need to develop them from scratch. One of G+'s best features is "Hangouts" which is a free video chat and screensharing feature that you can use to conduct meetings with your remote teams or even create a web show that you broadcast on a regular basis like video blogger Steve Garfield. Events are easy to schedule and set reminders for. And the great bonus is that there are hundreds of millions of Gmail users already. If you can entice any of those people to interact with your content on G+, you can benefit from additional exposure in their email inboxes.

Consider: scheduling a "hangout" that's related to a subject that's important to your business.

It's easier to stand out there

There's great value in being an early adopter. And even though G+ is not exactly new, it has the quality of a territory that hasn't been completely charted. Social networks are very much a product of their users, and right now, G+ users are a vocal and passionate lot. While posting to Facebook and Twitter should be considered integral to your business, think about how posting to G+ might be advantageous when you consider how few businesses are currently leveraging its capabilities.

Consider: Posting regularly to define your experience about a certain topic or topic. Engage with other users posting about the same subject.

Especially for those trying to reach men, gadget-heads and college students, G+ can be an ideal venue for you to post about your business and connect to like-minded folks. Check it out, make some posts, find an affinity, and watch your business grow.

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