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The Power of Gravitational Marketing

How small businesses can defy the laws of gravity and attract more business


Gravitational Marketing

Gravitational Marketing

In this excerpt from their book, Gravitational Marketing (Compare prices - Author website), authors Travis Miller and Jimmy Vee explain how smaller companies can defy the laws of "gravity" and attract more than their fair share of business.

Gravitational Marketing is based on the principle that all bodies exhibit an inherent force called gravity that naturally attracts other bodies. Following that analogy, every business has a natural tendency, however large or small, to attract customers. Larger companies traditionally have a stronger gravitational force. Smaller companies traditionally have a weaker gravitational force. This force is created by several factors such as a company’s general existence, location, signage, current marketing and advertising effort and word-­of-­mouth advertising. As the force grows, it builds momentum and allows you to attract exactly the right group of prospects and customers without wasting tons of money.

Our method levels the playing field and gives businesses that have limited marketing and sales resources an opportunity to increase their gravitational potential without drastically increasing their marketing costs or the size of their company. Continuing the analogy, Gravitational Marketing helps companies defy the laws of "gravity" by attracting more than their fair share of the business.

Gravitational Marketing is the process of motivating prospects to ask for your marketing messages, forging emotional relationships with them, getting your newly formed friends to buy, motivating existing customers to return and ultimately motivating all of your customers to tell others, thereby harnessing the power of word­-of­-mouth advertising, which we all know is the best and cheapest form of marketing.

Once you fully understand and learn how to use Gravitational Marketing, you will spend less on advertising, have better relationships with your potential and existing customers and have a virtual sales force working day and night for you for free.

How Gravitational Marketing Works

The process of Gravitational Marketing is broken down into four primary components: Gravitate, Captivate, Invigorate and Motivate.


The process begins first by either choosing who it is that your existing product or service would be right for or finding the who first and then determining what they want. We call this targeting.

[Next you find out what problems they’re having, what difficulties and challenges they face or what they really want but have to live without. And you offer the solution to that problem, whatever it is.

For instance:

  • If you are a financial planner, then the people that you’re going to help want security, they want to retire wealthy and they want to retire early. They don't know how to accomplish these things. That's their problem.
  • If you’re a real estate agent, the clients you will help want to sell their homes as quickly as possible for as much as possible or own as much home as possible for the lowest payment possible. That's what they want from you. Nothing else.
  • If you’re a car dealer, the people you want to help are afraid of getting taken advantage of when buying a car. They want to make sure that they get the best deal possible.
  • If you’re a marketing consultant, the people that you are going to help want to get new business and they need to know how they can do that.
The list goes on and on.

So you offer a very simple initial solution that only requires a small step, a small type of action with little commitment and zero risk. It’s almost like a piece of bait. It’s like saying, "I’ve got the answer to your problem—come to me and I’ll explain."

At first glance, this may seem like regular advertising, but indeed, it is very different.


The Captivate phase happens once you’ve gotten your prospects' attention. They’ve asked for more information about the solution that you’re offering and you have a chance to present yourself to them. But you have to present yourself in a way that is unforgettable. You can’t just be another "me too" service or a commodity product. You’ve got to be sensational. You’ve got to be memorable. You’ve got to be unique. You must captivate your audience in order to hold their attention, arouse child­like curiosity in them and cause them to be intrigued and to want to know more.


You Invigorate your prospects by helping them understand how bad the problem actually is that they’re facing now and how wonderful the solution really could be. You must get them to visualize themselves living the dream.

You need to involve their emotions in the process and help them understand the depth of their problem but also the true availability of the solution and the wonderful things that will come with the solution.


Finally, you have to Motivate your prospects to take the action you want them to take. That means you have to know ahead of time what that action should be. You can't just willy­-nilly get to the Motivate phase and not know how to proceed and let the prospect direct the transaction.

With a clear vision of the desired action you can overwhelm the prospect with benefits, bonuses, offers and value that make doing business with you irresistible.

Each step of this process is critical. If you fail to attract prospects (Gravitate) in the first place nothing will happen. But once you've attracted the prospect, if you don't capture their attention (Captivate) you will become invisible and the sale will be lost. Even if you have captured their attention, if you don't involve their emotions and get them excited (Invigorate) about the possibility and potential of working together, the game is over. Finally, if everything has come together but you don't cause the prospect to take the final action (Motivate), if you don't ask them to spend money, all of your efforts will have been wasted.

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