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By klear.idea

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Amy Lorenti

Principal & Creative Director

Klear Idea

Describe your business

Klear Idea is a business-to-business marketing communications company.

Do you have a written business plan?

Yes. Actually defining what we do, how we do it, who our competition is, where we are different, etc. tends to reveal additional opportunities that we might have missed if we did not go through the exercise of creating the plan.

If you have a business plan, do you refer to it often?

The most important part of our business plan involves marketing. A day or two every week includes promoting our services to existing and new clients. We research and try out new media (particularly social media) and do so on a regular basis.


  • Though I've tried business planning software products in the past, what takes the most work is research and the actual writing which I've learned you really have to do for yourself. My recommendation would be to find either a website, book or other guide that asks all the right questions, sit down at your computer and start to write your plan.

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