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By Corey Koehler

Your Name

Corey Koehler

Your Website

Planet Corey

What is your side business?

I am a singer/songwriter. I write songs, perform for money, and sell merchandise. I also hope to get some publishing deals by getting my music in TV and movies.

Why did you choose this particular business?

Since I was very young everything about the music business was attractive to me. I always knew I needed to be a part of it in some way. Unfortunately I spent much of my life playing it safe. I listened to my parents and other naysayers when they told me I needed to a secure job and that any association with music would be very risky. After year of working in all kinds of jobs - from foundries to restaurants to assembly lines to middle management engineering I knew I needed to start looking for something else. So I started a few blogs.One of which was a music blog. After seeing that there were musicians making a living playing music and thinking that I could do just as good a job - if not better - I decided to look into it. While all this was going on I found that I could sing and was told that I had a knack your writing music and entertaining people. I eventually decided to jump in head first and see what happens. Other than trying to right the ship and do something more in line with what I should be doing, I wanted to set an example for my three children. After all, how can I tell them to follow their dreams if I cannot follow my own. So far I have released a CD of original music and have sold 100 copies in a little over two months and have been making a few hundred dollars per show. Not much but a great start considering I've been at it for less than a year. Bottom line, after years of denying it and playing it safe I realized that music is my passion. It is what born to do and I do hope to replace my income.


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