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Rushang Shah

My Favorite Business iPad App & Why I Use It

DejaOffice. This app can replace or enhance the native Contacts and Calendar apps on iPad with business-friendly versions. It also adds business-friendly versions of Tasks and Notes apps.

Supports important business features like assigning categories, linking calendar appointments with contacts so you know who meetings are with, assigning Notes and Tasks to contacts, and sorting by company name.

Since all the apps live within the master DejaOffice app, data is interlinked. The app is iPad-friendly in that it uses a dual-pane view for quick access to data that fully utilizes the iPad's big screen.

The iPad Business App I'm Most Waiting for and Why

An app that automatically sends an SMS to a contact with whom I have an appointment, if I am late to that appointment. If I'm driving to a meeting, my GPS should automatically figure out how far I am from my destination. If it calculates I'll be late, the app should send an SMS to the person I have an appointment with.

Tips and Tricks

  • iPad is a great tool to consume info. It needs a more business-like interface/apps to make it part of my professional toolkit.

Mitchell York, About.com Entrepreneurs, says:

Love your GPS/late appointment idea!

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