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Gaining New Customers Through Twitter

Share Your Story: How Entrepreneurs Are Using Technology to Reduce Cost & Increase Profits

By The Remote Stylist

How are you using technology to grow your business?

The Remote Stylist's primary means of gaining new customers is through the use of Twitter. We have found it to be a fantastic tool for engaging new audiences and starting conversations with the people that we want.

Twitter is a worthwhile tool for new businesses because everyone operates on the same level; if you have great content, you can get pretty much anyone's attention. Social media (Twitter especially) is often criticized because it's difficult to directly link participation with new sales, but that doesn't mean it's not worth the time investment -- quite the opposite, actually.

What are your business's key tech tools and why?

Facebook is a staple of managing a new business -- in fact, having a well managed fan page is crucial to gaining legitimacy. That said, the conversation is still systematically uni-directional, so we still prefer Twitter.

Clickyis a recent favourite of ours in the analytics field. It starts out as a free service, and even the premium account is affordable for any business. For our money (literally) it beats the pants off Google Analytics; unlike GA, Clicky allows you to track specific people, rather than all in aggregate. You can see who is browsing your site, what they are looking at and from where, and even their personal usage history. If you can somehow figure out who is behind that anonymous IP address, Clicky even allows you to name your user so you know every time they visit.

Other major advantages of Clicky are its Twitter function (identifies conversations about you, the tone used, links provided, by whom, to whom), it's real time data updates, spy function (see who is browsing your site at any given time) and more.

Tips and Tricks

  • If you are going to use Twitter, take advantage of all the associated tools to maximize your return. Our favourites are Refollow, Tweetdeck, Twaitter, and SocialOomph.
  • Recognize how important quality content is to maintaining an audience. That means frequently updated too
  • Don't be too stubborn about where you find new relationships; you never know who might be the next great thing for your business, and they can come from anywhere.
  • When creating digital content and starting conversations, be authentic. Don't write as the company, but as a real person with real thoughts that just happens to work there.

Mitchell York, About.com Entrepreneurs, says:

Thanks for a great tutorial on Twitter and its social media competitors, and especially for the new leads on Clicky. I'm going to check it out!

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