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2013's Top Entrepreneurial Kickstarters


Here is a look at some of the biggest entrepreneurial Kickstarters this year and what lessons any entrepreneur can draw from them.

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Taking Stock After Tax Time

Monday March 31, 2014

After my first year of freelancing full time, tax time was a nightmare. I had forgotten to file quarterly taxes and didn't really understand how different self-employment taxes were.  Read More...

Top 5 Myths About Self-Employment

Sunday March 30, 2014

"I'd love to do that," friends tell me when I tell them I'm self-employed. "But it seems so risky."

If you're self-employed (or considering taking the plunge, I'll bet you've heard many of the key objections: what'll you do about health insurance? How can you be sure you'll be successful? Etc., etc., etc.  Read More...

Have You Got a Great Domain Name?

Sunday March 23, 2014

I remember the first dot-com boom, the rise and spectacular fall of Pets.com, as well as novelty startups such as Kozmo plying their wares in a super-heated NYC market. Back then there was a gold rush on coveted domain names...which is maybe why it's so darn hard to find a good one nowadays.  Read More...

Grabbing Victory From the Jaws of Defeat

Sunday March 23, 2014

Being an entrepreneur can sure be an emotional roller-coaster ride -- never knowing whether you'll have enough funding to make it another month, not to mention worrying about competitors nipping at your heels (and profits).

Maybe that's why I love transformation stories -- pivots, self-reflection, even failure and what can be learned from it.  Read More...

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