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Blogs for Entrepreneurs


So many blogs, so little time. Being an entrepreneur is hard enough without the pressure to keep up with all the great minds out there. But it’s incredibly important for entrepreneurs to have role models and heroes, and even people you disagree with, and to seek out new voices so you don’t succumb to your own groupthink. Here (in alphabetical order) are a dozen of great sources to get you started on your journey.

1. AllBusiness

This portal, owned by Dun & Bradstreet, always features new content for entrepreneurs and all types of business owners. Great blogs, reference sources, and videos. It’s an excellent source for information on franchising.

2. The Art of Non-Conformity—Unconventional Strategies for Life, Work and Travel

A quirky blog by a quirky but fascinating solopreneur and Renaissance man who never fails to inspire.

3. Association of Small Business Development Centers

This association aggragates Small Business Development Centers from around the country. Enter your zip code and you're seconds away from a list of free and low-cost consulting services that can help your business get started faster.

4. Awake @ the Wheel

This blog by Career Renegade author Jonathan Fields is an ongoing discussion about the struggles and joys of owning your own business.

5. Blog Maverick—The Mark Cuban Weblog

Written by Dallas Mavericks owner and billionaire Mark Cuban, this blog’s value is that you get to see how a mega-rich guy thinks. You can like him or not like him, but you can’t argue with his financial success.

6. Dane Carlson’s Business Opportunities

Since 2001, they’ve posted 13,365 different business opportunities and ideas, so you're sure to find something here to inspire you.

7. Duct Tape Marketing

Simple, effective and affordable small business marketing.

8. Entrepreneur.com

One of the leading magazines for entrepreneurs has a website with useful directories, blogs, and business ideas.

9. Escape from Cubicle Nation

Author and coach Pamela Slim has developed a large following of people who are going it alone in business.

10. Inc.com

Billing itself as “the daily resource for entrepreneurs,” Inc.com has great lists, email newsletters, advice, blogs, interviews and more. Particularly strong technology coverage.

11. Seth Godin’s Blog

The most recognized guru of marketing, Seth Godin offers short but provocative insights that will help you get to the heart of positioning your company or business and differentiating yourself.

12. Small Business Trends

This is one of the most comprehensive content portals for small business owners. It offers coverage of trends, a community of experts, radio programs, newsletters and forums.

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