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By Taat_Pringist

Name, title, company, website

Taat Pringist, NetEkspert

Describe your business

Financial planning, consulting business

Do you have a written business plan?

Yes and No

Yes, we have a sort of master plan with financial projections for coming time periods. When economic conditions change, we update the plan. It's online, so our team members can work remotely. The plan can be formalized (printed out, sent by mail, published on the intranet) as needed.

No, we do not have a business plan in terms of materialized, static document.

If you have a business plan, do you refer to it often?

We have an online business master plan with the financials updated quarterly or so.

When we need additional funding, or apply for a grant financing, we formalize a full scale (classic) business plan document from the online master plan.


We are very happy with an online business plan software iPlanner.NET.

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